2017 July Dividends have arrived !

2017 JULY DIVIDENDS Welcome to the 2017 July Dividends Report ! Summer is half over but the dividend income stream doesn’t care what time of the year it is. Seems like just yesterday I posted a record total for dividends (see June Dividends here). The great thing about passive dividend income after you have been going for a little bit, is it pays every month. Every dollar I earn gets back to work immediately as more shares. It is literally a machine that is continually working. It is the gift that keeps on giving. Sure there are times when a company...

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2017 June Dividends are here, a new record !!

2017 June Dividends I am a little late posting 2017 June Dividends because I was on vacation over the 4th of July week. I spent a week in Cape Cod golfing, swimming and generally relaxing. It was a great week and I hardly looked at the stock market or thought for one second about my portfolio. It is on auto-pilot and I am pleased to say doing very nicely. Take this month’d dividends as an example. I cracked the $1000 barrier for the first time!  Part of the reason is because I got the first semi-annual special dividend from...

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Portfolio Spotlight Series – CINF

The Portfolio Spotlight – CINF …..   Welcome to the Portfolio Spotlight series. Here I will detail one of my portfolio holdings and the performance results since its purchase. The goal is to show how dividends and patience will reward you over time if you stick the the DGI strategy. I plan on doing this once or twice a month. This month we look at Cincinnati Financial (CINF),  one of my longest current holdings! Check out my last entry for BIP here . Portfolio Spotlight – CINF CINF is one of those stocks that won’t dazzle you but is a slow...

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2017 May Dividends have arrived !

2017 May Dividends The sun is shining, I am playing golf weekly , and Dividends are pouring in.  It is hard to be in a bad mood right now as there is so much to be thankful for. When the good weather arrives my mood improves dramatically. I love the opportunity to be outside on the weekends, to play golf and hang with my friends. Additionally, the dividends are pouring in every month now and I am feeling pretty good after seeing the May dividend totals. The Feb-May-Aug-Nov cycle is doing fine. I am about to crack the monthly milestone of $500...

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April Dividends 2017 are here !

April Dividends April dividends are here. April is in the books and saw more increases as well as a few dividend raises. We started the month with snow here in the Boston area. I was feeling like golf season would never arrive. Luckily it melted quickly and I was able to get an April round in. The dividends also got better as the month went on. I saw a nice Y-O-Y increase and I feel like I am on pace to achieve the years goal. It will be close but I am staying focused and pouring as much cash as possible into...

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