January 2017 Portfolio

This is the Portfolio composition as of January 21st, 2017. The contents have changed quite a bit over the last 6 months. I rolled over my 401(k) from the previous job and have added some new stocks with IRA money. I am now up over 30 stocks for the¬†first time. I haven’t done a good job of updating this page for the last 6-9 months but I am going to try and keep up with it this year.

The portfolio has changed quite a bit over the years. I have cut down on the funds, although I still have a few, and have ramped up the dividend stocks. I own several growth stocks that don’t pay a dividend but the vast majority of my holdings provide income. I made an exception for GOOG and 1 or 2 others but income is the aspect I love and mostly consider when picking investments. I also just sent money to Lending Club but that hasn’t shown up yet. As soon as it does, I will update this page with the info. Thanks for looking!