Welcome to the 2017 July Dividends Report !

Summer is half over but the dividend income stream doesn’t care what time of the year it is. Seems like just yesterday I posted a record total for dividends (see June Dividends here). The great thing about passive dividend income after you have been going for a little bit, is it pays every month. Every dollar I earn gets back to work immediately as more shares. It is literally a machine that is continually working. It is the gift that keeps on giving. Sure there are times when a company cuts or doesn’t raise the dividend but it is rare when you buy solid companies. Since I started this, only GE and RCS have cut their dividend on my watch. I still own both and they still churn out cash for me.  Even when all else fails around me, I have this to keep me smiling.

June was such a a great month at over $1000, that it is a bit of a letdown to report the July dividends. This is my worst cycle and while continually growing, it is woefully behind the Mar-Jun-Sept-Dec cycle. This is ok though as I am always looking for new stocks to boost the income. I have something to strive for.  Lets get to the 2017 July Dividends! A solid month overall with growth ….


The totals for the month were as follows:

Results:           Total:  $425.63  for July             + $137.24 Month/YOY            + 47.59 %   Month/YOY 



There you have it. Good growth, solid results Year-over-Year and one month closer to my goal. Looking at my projections, I am on track to reach my goal of $7,927.10 in yearly dividends for 2017. I think this is great.  I have a pretty good idea of how to project dividends, retirement income etc, and I expect to be almost right on the money , give or take $50.

The dividends have been pretty predictable overall since I started down this path. It is almost a certainty . Whats better than that in an uncertain world?  There are no guarantees but I feel dividends are as close to that as is possible in investing. This gives comfort and stability to your portfolio and your life, imho.

Recently, I have also started branching out a bit and trying different investment vehicles. I have Lending Club started, and also began the company ESPP ( huge benefit after 2 years – 50% match !! ).  I am sticking with the plan:  Rental income, Dividends, and any other way I can diversify and produce income. It appears to be working out so far 🙂

Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing your comments on the 2017 July Dividends Report !!!  Until next month…..