2017 May Dividends

The sun is shining, I am playing golf weekly , and Dividends are pouring in.  It is hard to be in a bad mood right now as there is so much to be thankful for. When the good weather arrives my mood improves dramatically. I love the opportunity to be outside on the weekends, to play golf and hang with my friends. Additionally, the dividends are pouring in every month now and I am feeling pretty good after seeing the May dividend totals.

The Feb-May-Aug-Nov cycle is doing fine. I am about to crack the monthly milestone of $500 consistently for this cycle starting with August if things go as planned. That would give me 2/3 cycles over this threshold. The Jan-Apr-July-Oct cycle is still a year away from this total but I know I am going to get there. Overall, the totals are really seeing growth on a monthly basis. I continue to add new money and have not seen many dividend decreases since I start on this path.  The compounding I am getting on these stocks is truly amazing. For an example see my Spotlight article for one of my longest holdings. I have doubled my share count with no new money.

Just a quick update on the blog overall. I hit a wall this year with the posts and have not been posting regularly for quite some time. I have been super busy and this was the activity that paid the price. The monthly dividends is the only posts that I have been making. I really like to keep these going at the least but I do feel I will start back on this soon. I have a large amount of golf course reviews that I want to post (over 10) but I need more pictures and the time to get it done. I am hoping to remember tomorrow to get some pictures as I am playing one of my favorite places that I have never posted on. Stay Tuned! Back to the divvies  🙂


The totals for the month were as follows:

Results:                     Total:  $494.11  for May              + $190.39 Month/YOY              62.69 %   Month/YOY increase

CONCLUSION – 2017 May Dividends

I love sharing these totals. I feel real good about my progress and it really motivates me to keep going. The totals are looking real good from where I sit and to see the Y-O-Y increases is really gratifying. I am adding a huge amount of new money every year and I just had my wife increase her contributions going forward for her 403(b). I max mine out every year, as well as our IRAs but she works part time and doesn’t make a lot of money. Despite this, I thought we could handle a little more of an increase. She is adding an additional $50/week for a yearly total of $2600 each year. Not too shabby! We are really accelerating the retirement account and I am hopeful I will make my 2026 retirement date. If I don’t, I will be very close and within a year or so. I can live with that if I have to but I am trying my best to pull the date in even further. Thanks for checking in and good luck on your portfolio!