April Dividends

April dividends are here. April is in the books and saw more increases as well as a few dividend raises. We started the month with snow here in the Boston area. I was feeling like golf season would never arrive. Luckily it melted quickly and I was able to get an April round in. The dividends also got better as the month went on. I saw a nice Y-O-Y increase and I feel like I am on pace to achieve the years goal. It will be close but I am staying focused and pouring as much cash as possible into dividend stocks.

I got a few dividend increases this month. Not as much as in year’s past but I think I will get a few more over the next month or two.

JNJ – 5% increase

XOM – 2.7%

PG – 3%

OHI – 1.6%

AAPL – 10.5%

PFG – 2.2%

I think thats it. I may have missed one and if so, I will update next month. Overall, between the raises and the new money, the portfolio is looking good. I am pretty happy with the progress and love to see the monthly income. Additionally, I opened a a small position in Lending Club a couple of months ago and it seems to be worthwhile so far. I will post on this at some point. Lets get to the April dividends.


The totals for the month were as follows:

results:                     Total:  $412.33  for February               + $124.07 Month/YOY              43.04 %   Month/YOY


Conclusion April Dividends

Another good month. I should start to see the Y-o-Y increase percentage start to drop a bit because last year I added Rollover money in the middle of the year and that had a huge impact on the totals. I will still see increases but they will be smaller. Overall, I am doing well. I have been adding money to the non-Retirement account so far this year and also added money to last year’s IRA before tax day. I wanted to maximize the contributions as much as possible. Looking forward to many more dividends over the course of the year. As always, you can see the year to date dividends on the Dividend Income Page . Thanks for checking in !