March Dividends 2017

Well, we were greeted this morning with an April 1st snowstorm ! Ugh!  When is spring going to arrive?  Despite this depressing event, I was able to smile a bit when my March dividends were added up. I had another great month and appear being basically on track for the year’s lofty goal of $7,927.10. I will need to be completely focused to achieve this. That will include reinvesting, and adding as much new money as possible. I am going to add a little for 2016 contribution before April 15th. I believe in maxing out if possible the prior year while you can.  If I can do this, I should make the year’s goal.

The month went as planned as far as dividends go. The only reduction was RCS which is one of my monthly dividend payers and is very sensitive to interest rate fluctuations. It decreased by less than $5 and I have no plans to exit this position.  I still pulled in $34.94 for the month on this holding. I got two new dividends this month as I initiated small positions in Principal Financial Group & Corning over the last couple of months ( see Jan 2017 Stock Purchases ).  These dividends will increase throughout the year as I am adding new money every week or two. I love dollar cost averaging and I have done this successfully with many stocks in the portfolio over the years.  I also had a couple of holdings increase their payments due to dividend raises:

VLO  $92.26 => $108.61

ORI   $75.77  => $84.00

TROW $89.38  =>  $95.02

Not too shabby!  I am expecting big things this year as far as dividends go. My yearly goals ( see 2017 Goals ) were fairly aggressive this year. I felt I needed to ramp it up and shoot higher. So far I am rising to the challenge and I am laser focused on the dividend goal. Ok let’s get to the totals for the month of March:


The totals for the month were as follows:

results:                     Total:  $921.33  for February               + $349.49 Month/YOY              61.12 %   Month/YOY

Conclusion – March Dividends

There is the March dividends. Another great month in the books. One of the great thing about DGI investing is that there is almost always good news every month. There have been only one or two months over the past few years where I have been disappointed. It is interesting to see how much I am accumulating through reinvesting. It is one of the benefits of keeping track of every payment. I can look back and see how far I have come. It is great motivation to keep plugging away.

How did you do this month?  Did you stick to your plan?  Weigh in if you feel inclined. Thanks for stopping by !