February Dividends 2017

I love the end of the month of February. February is in the heart of winter but it is a short month. Personally, I hate winter but I love that when February is over, we are just about to start the spring and of course that means golf !!!  It is also the time when I can start to see how the year is going to go regarding dividends. The posting of February dividends means we are about to start spring and my most lucrative dividend month is about to begin. There is a lot to like about the timing of the February dividend post.

Overall, another solid month. I continued to increase the Y-O-Y totals significantly. This month we were up 46% from last year.  We did have one dividend reduction from RCS. It is a monthly dividend payer and it went down ever so slightly. Last month the total was $38.50 and this month the total was $34.94.  It wasn’t too bad and the yield is still pretty good. I am not concerned yet about this holding but I will monitor it closely.

2017 is starting off right from a dividend perspective and that means I am inching closer to my goal of financial independence. I feel energized right now with the portfolio as I am seeing real progress in almost every stock with the exception of one or two. On to the numbers ….

The totals for the month were as follows:

results:                     Total: $480.46 for February               + $151.48 Month/YOY              46.05 %   Month/YOY


February Dividends 2017 Conclusion

There it is, another great month and the beginning of the banner dividend month of March. Despite the dividend reduction for RCS, the month was great. I expect to make up that very small reduction within a cycle or two.  I have been doing projections for the year and I believe if things go according to plan, I should reach the years total. It is a pretty lofty total and increase from 2016 (see P-and-P 2017 Goals).  I think if I can get there,  I will set myself up for an impressive run over the next few years.  I have dividend projections with various scenarios over the next 10 years and it is fun to see where I am currently at and compare it to the projections.  Good luck on your portfolio and I would love to hear what you think of my totals. Are your totals better, worse? Thanks for reading !             -Brian