January Dividends 2017

January Dividends 2017, it has a nice sound to it.  I love theses totals posts.  This is the first ‘Dividend Totals’ post of 2017 and I am really excited to get the year rolling with new dividend records and exponential growth.  I had a very good year for dividends in 2016 and I am expecting even bigger things this year for passive income. My dividend goal for the year is 35% increase in income. That would give me $7,927 in dividends for the year. No small accomplishment.  To quote President Trump , that would be a ‘Yuuuuuge’ win for me.  Working in my favor is a full year of Rollover money paying out dividends that was transferred in to the IRA last year. Add new money and reinvestment, and I am confident I can get to my goal. I just have to stay focused and continue with auto deposits and investments. Let’s get to the January Dividends 2017 totals.

The totals for the month were as follows:

results:                     Total: $409.44 for January               + $231.42 Month/YOY              130 %   Month/YOY


January Dividends 2017 Conclusion

There are the January Dividends 2017  totals.  Wow!  130% increase year over year!   I will take that every time. I am super happy with the start I had to the new year.  There was a slight change to the month as TD paid the first of Feb this year instead of the last day of January.   It doesn’t matter, but it skews the Year over Year totals a bit. Either way, the money is delivered so not a concern.  Receiving dividends never gets old to me. The more I receive, the more I want . It is a bit of an addiction to be honest. I think if you are going to have a vice, this is a good one to have though.

I am about to post a new page to keep track of my goals (see 2017 goals here) and I will update that with progress as it happens. Expect it within the next 2 weeks. Currently I stand at 5.17% of my dividend goal for the year. Some months totals are lower in the cycle than others. In order to reach this goal I need to average 8.33 % towards my goal each month. The mar-jun-sept-dec cycle should give me well over 10% each quarter and the other two cycles will be less. It should average out nicely. Thanks for reading !             -Brian