November Dividends

Time for November dividends…..   Not my best month but still an increase of %18.65 from last cycle in August and a whopping increase of %55.71 from this month last year.  I think I am going to fall just short of my goal for the year of $5848 in dividends. This is due to the reallocation in January. I am still kicking myself over that. I reallocated some of the portfolio in January due to the massive panic that was happening at the time. I seriously regret doing that. I am still happy with the portfolio makeup but I broke my own rule about staying calm and not making moves on emotion. I almost never do that. I have been very steady over the years but for some reason, I decided this was a good idea. It is inexplicable. I pride myself of ignoring the noise. It was like I was someone else for a day. The price I am going to pay for this day of insanity is missing my 2016 dividend goals and jettisoning some good stocks. Due to the reallocation, I missed out of ex dividend dates and it took a few months to get back on track. Hopefully, despite knowing this and having learned this valuable lesson many years prior, I will not repeat this.

November saw every dividend increase from its previous value (due to reinvestment) and some little bumps due to some automatic purchases with monthly contributions (OHI). I think there was also a dividend raise at some point for OHI.  We also received a new dividend for the first time from Abbott Labs in the amount of $45.50. Not exactly earth shattering but a nice addition to one of weaker months in the year. I wasn’t trying to boost this particular month with this purchase but it worked out nicely.

I am really looking forward to December dividends. I am expecting this to be a new monthly record. I am projecting I will be well over $800 for the month but we will have to wait and see. Looking forward to two brand new dividends from WFC & BAC as well as a special dividend from MAIN.  That should add almost $150 to the month. I may even make it over $900 if things fall into place.  Now for November….  Lets move on to the month’s totals:

Totals for the month were as follows:

results:                     Total: $382.34 for November               + $136.79 Month/YOY              55.71 %   Month/YOY

November Dividends Reflection

I am a little disappointed in the November dividends. This is my worst dividend cycle in the year, but overall, I am happy with the increase YOY and I am moving forward with an overall positive feeling for the portfolio. As mentioned I will fall just short of my dividend goal for the year but it will still be an increase from last year. At the end of December I am going to publish the 2017 goals and I am confident I will reach that throughout the year. If I hadn’t reallocated, I would have crushed the goal of 10% increase in dividends for the year. So I am very optimistic that 2017 will be another good year.  So far 2016 has been pretty good. The monthly numbers are trending way up and that puts a huge smile on my face.  Thanks for reading and keep on DRIP’ing !