October Dividends

Time for October dividends…..   I know I sound like a broken record, but another great month of dividends has arrived. Now that I have owned all the recent purchases long enough to get dividend payments, the totals are ballooning. I am pretty happy about the progress. I am going to be right around the goal for the year depending on how good the next two months are. Next year, assuming I don’t reorganize the portfolio like I did this year, I should shatter the goal of 10% increase in dividends each year. I really enjoy watching the compounding in real time. I have enough stocks (29) where I get a fairly regular stream of payments each month. I expect to continue to add with monthly purchases moving forward. I am also pretty fired up because the 401(k) has started to accumulate after taking a new job in July. I wasn’t eligible to contribute until late September but I have three purchases with a match now in the pile. I am almost back to where I was as far as contributions before I got laid off in April. I am slowly building up the contributions and getting myself back on track. Additionally, the large rent checks are rolling in and I expect that once the downsizing debt expenses are eliminated (new appliances, new furnace, central air install), I will be able to save an additional several thousand a month. I need to keep on track and control expenses but it is starting to fall into place. Lets move on to the month’s totals:



Totals for the month were as follows:

results:                     Total: $464.96 for October               + $153.56 Month/YOY              49.31 %   Month/YOY

October Dividends Reflection

Well, that is a good month to be sure. I have been trying to even out the dividends as I have the one great cycle (last month $755 , read here) and the other two are ok but lagging. This was a nice bump from 3 months ago. I earned $288.39 in July but due to a few new stocks starting to pay and an increase due to compounding, I was up significantly. At the end of this year, I am going to do my projections again and illustrate where I might be in 10, 15 years etc…  I love dividends. Compounding is magic and I am hopeful I can ride these payments into retirement.