Added WFC to the mix

Before we cover the August dividends, I wanted to give a quick update on another purchase I made last week.  There was a fair amount of cash still in the traditional IRA brokerage and decided to pull the trigger on Wells Fargo Corp (WFC).  I bought 150 shares @ $48.65/share.  This was a good purchase and I expect to hold it forever as long as the business doesn’t deteriorate. In my opinion, I added another quality company that pays a nice dividend to my ever growing portfolio.  I am expecting ~ $230 in dividends the first year without reinvesting. Increase that slightly as I always reinvest.  Now on to the dividends….

August Dividends

The clock says September 1st and so it must mean it is dividend time again. Christmas comes twelve times year as far as I am concerned. I had a great August for Dividends.  The totals were good and the increase Y-O-Y was as well. You can see the last month of this cycle (May Dividends) for a comparison. None of the new purchases have paid out yet but I still enjoyed a nice bump in income. I feel like the dividends are starting to steamroll, which is exactly what I want. Next month is part of my big cycle and I am excited to see how much I am going to bring in. Let’s not get too far ahead, on to this month.


Totals for the month were as follows:

results:                     Total: $322.24 for August               + $83.06 Month/YOY              34.73 %   Month/YOY


There it is, a great increase for the month. I have not received any dividends from any of my new purchases yet and I am hopeful that it will help make up the ground so that I can reach my dividend goal for the year. If I had not reshuffled the portfolio in January, I would have made it easily but I missed a few dividends that would have put me over the top. It happens but I am back on track and feeling good with the portfolio makeup. See you next month !!