It’s the end of another month and also the time to add up the May Dividends and see where we are at. May turned out to be another good month. The ‘ Feb-May-Aug-Nov ‘ cycle is not my most lucrative, that belongs to the ‘ March-Jun-Sept-Dec ‘ cycle, but it was still better than this month last year. Really that is all I want to see, an increase year-over-year. As mentioned in previous posts, I am expecting a 401(k) rollover to happen in June so the stock portion of the portfolio will get a bump and the mutual fund portion will take a dip. On to the numbers:

May: A good month overall for May Dividends. CWCO was removed from the retirement portfolio for a nice gain in Jan but I still qualified for the February dividend of $30. I don’t tend to buy and sell out of the retirement fund often but January was a tough month for me and I made a few moves that I maybe shouldn’t have, that is a story for another time however. This action caused the May dividend to be slightly lower than the Feb cycle. I still managed to beat last years dividend by $74.45 in May, so all in all, a nice little raise for the month.

results:                     Total: $303.72 for May          + $74.45 YOY  


Year to date totals look promising as well. After moving some money around in January and taking a bit of a dividend cut due to bad timing, I am back on track and expect to hit my yearly target by the end of the year. I am only $152.59 behind last year at this time and that includes last years $311.43 special dividend in April by TROW. They didn’t issue that this year so I was starting out in with some ground to make up. I expect the gap to be closed before the end of the year.  Check out this year’s progress here: Dividend Income.





Photo credit: Alan O’Rourke via / CC BY