Boost your Vacation Savings

I love vacation. I love it so much, I am trying to find ways to get more vacation dollars into the vacation savings account without bankrupting myself. Here is a few ways to squeeze extra money into the vacation account:

  1. Cut coupons: Take the money saved on coupons and put it in the savings account. This does two things, it adds to your account and it encourages you to be frugal and find more coupons.
  2. Keep a change jar:  I keep a jar for all my family’s loose change. You would be surprised how fast it adds up.
  3. Use Acorn or Keep the change: Bank of America has ‘keep the change’ & there is always Acorn to help. These round up the change from purchases and stash the money into an account. Using keep the change I have saved $2614 since inception, not too shabby.
  4. Shop for better insurance: Find a better deal on insurance, then take that money and add it to the vacation account. This is a good one because if you take the time, you can almost always find a better deal. Insurance companies get you to sign up with a lower rate and then slowly raise your rates over the next few years. They count on your laziness to not shop around every 2 or 3 years. It just takes a little effort. My last time doing this saved me about $1000/year.
  5. Have an airline mileage strategy:  Airline miles are a racquet but if you plan accordingly, you can really save. I use JetBlue, and I am able to pool our family miles into one account. I also had a JetBlue credit card which I got an extra 20,000 points after spending a certain amount. I used this card to buy plane tickets, which got me the bonus, the airline bonus for using the card for tickets, plus the flight miles. It took 2.5 years but we were able to get 4 free tickets for our next vacation. If you are traveling anyway, you should take advantage. Just make sure you pay the balance and don’t get into debt.
  6. Utilize any travel rewards: Hotels, rental cars, and other travel related companies all offer rewards for frequent use or loyalty. Examine any and all that you may use and sign up. Pay particular attention to promotional rewards because you can get bonus points for certain things. This also applies to credit card promotions. This stuff can really add up. The key is to only buy what you were going to buy anyway, otherwise it really costs you more.

These are just a few ways I have added money to the vacation savings account. It has enabled me to travel more often. I am always looking out for more ways to save and I will share them when I have them.


Photo credit: Wendy Longo photography via / CC BY-ND