Braintree Golf Course Review

P-and-P Ranking  4.0 / 5.0 star-four

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Braintree Golf Course Review

I had the chance to play Braintree Golf Course last week and as always, I was impressed. This course is a tough test for me. The slope and rating are not eye popping but trouble is everywhere. I almost never score well here but I do enjoy the challenge. The course has really improved on the conditions the last few years and even though we had snow two weeks ago, the course was very green. We played in 40 degree weather, which I usually won’t do but it was thoroughly enjoyable nonetheless. If I had to pick one word to describe Braintree Municipal it would be “Hazard”.  This course looks like it was built on a swamp. More than half the holes have water come into play. Scores can really add up here if you aren’t careful. It is not overly long, but if you spray the ball even a little, you are going to take some big scores. On to the review …..


Braintree Golf Course is one of the few courses I play where the practice green is very comparable to the greens on the course. It is fairly large with plenty of space for multiple players. It also has a decent amount of undulation on parts of the practice area, so you can really work on your putting before the round. That being said, I had one of the worst putting days ever and the practice beforehand did nothing for me.

The clubhouse is also decent, but small. They do have a large deck overlooking the 18th green and an inside area with TVs showing the weekly golf tourney. I played here in my twenties a lot and they never served alcohol, but they do now so the rules have been relaxed a bit. The food they serve at the clubhouse is pretty good. I never have any complaints. They also have a snack shack at the turn which is hard to resist. Food and beer are available here. The pro shop is small but does have a few decent items. You can get shirts and items with the Braintree logo.

I took a lesson here from the PGA Pro, Bob Beach, over twenty years ago and he helped me a lot. It was only one 45 minute lesson but my game improved from this point on. He only changed my grip, but it really did help. I recommend taking a lesson here if you need help. He is a good guy who knows what he is doing.

There is no driving range here but overall, the facilities are adequate and the food is pretty good. You won’t remember the non-golf aspects of Braintree fondly, but you won’t have any negative feelings either. It does the job unspectacularly.

I played this in April of this year and the cost was $50 with a cart as an early season special.  The website states the green fees are $42.00 without a cart. I think the carts are $20 so $62 for a round at a good , challenging course is a good deal.

The Course

The management here at Braintree has done a nice job improving the conditions over time. It was always in decent shape, but the last few years it has really gotten better. This is especially true of the greens. They are not US Open fast but they are not slow and they roll true. I really struggled putting on this day and I think part of it was that I was not used to putting on faster greens. I enjoyed the challenge and hope to get back here soon to get my revenge. I hate letting a course dominate any aspect of my game so I will be back before too long. I am a pretty competitive person and the thought of failing to putt up to any reasonable standard will bother me until I can get back here and have a good round.


water, water everywhere

As mentioned, this course looks like it was built on a swamp. Water is seemingly everywhere.  I think 12 of the 18 holes have water that can come into play. Some of these holes have water in the form of a creek 5 yards into the woods and so you may not see it from the tee but it is there and waiting for an errant shot. If you are an accurate driver of the ball, you can score well here. I am a little longer off the tee but I spray it and this is not a good place to do that. There are many holes where water is visible and it is intimidating.  The course starts easy and gets harder as you go so it is important to begin with pars.

One thing to note, if you come here after heavy rains, you may be in trouble. the rivers and ponds here will flood and make some aspects of the course unenjoyable so make sure you pick a good time to come here.

Hole #1

The easiest hole on the course, which is great because you can hopefully par this and get off on the right foot. You must par this hole or you will be extremely disappointed.

Hole #2

A par 4 that is a little tougher than hole #1.  Highly elevated tee box hitting down to a dogleg right. There is a small pond in the right front edge of the green. This prevents big hitters from going for it off the tee. The green slopes from back to front and is very undulating.


Hole #2 from elevated tee

Hole #3

A long par 3 with a tough green. This par 3 is between 165-200 yards depending on the tee played. It is uphill slightly and the green is a difficult one to navigate. It is a long green from front to back and slopes sharply downhill towards the front. Any two putt on this green is desired. I three putt this green regularly.

Hole #4

A Short par four. There are bunkers all around this hole, preventing long hitters from going for it. A large green that is not undulating. This is next easiest after hole #1 in my opinion. You really want par here as the course starts to get tougher after this.

Hole #5

At this point the course starts getting a little harder. We have a longer par3 (170-200) to a large green with a bunker in front right. You can sneak it up on the left middle if you wanted to run it up but trouble is left, right and behind the green.

Hole #6

Long par 5 with water all the way down both sides. Fairway is wide but water is looming and playing on your nerves. Unreachable except for the longest hitters. Green slopes back to front with a bunker on either side.


Hole #6 approach (3rd shot)

Hole #7

A nice par 4, dogleg left. Water up the left side, woods to the right. Generous fairway but a creek runs across the fairway about 75 yards in front of the green. This will penalize a duff on approach. Huge and fairly flat green. Hit this green without your best shot and you could be putting 80 feet.

Hole #8

Another par 5, dogleg sharply left. Stay right side off the tee and be long enough (250 yards) or you will not have a clear second shot. The dogleg is almost 90 degrees. Slightly downhill for shots 2 and 3. The green is tiny and slopes from back to front. Easy to 3 putt this green depending on pin placement.


Hole #8 – view from Red tee

Hole #9

Par 4, straight away. Water trouble all the way down the left side. Tiny elevated green for approach, surrounded by bunkers, Sand left and left rear, grass bunker right. Trouble on all sides. Not a gimme by any stretch.

Hole #10

This hole is in my head. I can’t seem to get a good tee shot here. Water down both sides most of the way about 5 yards beyond the trees.  The fairway is crowned so even dead center shots will occasionally roll into the rough.  It is a par 5, unreachable in two except for the longest hitters. Green is large, bunkers on both sides.


Hole 10 – view from forward tees

Hole #11

Long par 4 for amateurs at about 440 yards. Fairway is fairly wide. Creek up the left side, pond on the right (see a theme yet ??) .  Front is guarded by bunkers so has to be hit on the fly. Large undulating green slopes from back to front. Great hole!

Hole #12

Nice par 3 at about 175 yards from the white. Pond on the right, pond on the left near the hole. Large green sharply downhill from back to front. Bunkers left side. Fun hole.

Hole #13

Shorter par 5, reachable in two with a good drive. Woods right, water left. Fairway is flat and straight. Not a ton to worry about here. Green is large with bunkers right front and left. Trouble left right and behind but green is pretty large so no worries.

Hole #14

Another long par 4. It is a slight dogleg right and has a pond on the left side. Woods all the way dow the right side. Bunker guards the front right of a large undulating green sloping from back to front. A beautiful hole and fun to play.


Hole #14 – view from the tee

Hole #15

Pretty ordinary hole. Straight, with water down the left side, woods down the right to average sized green guarded by bunkers.

Hole #16

Nice little par 3.  There is a creek across the fairway to punish duffed tee shots. There is water left and right of the green but there is some room also. The green is massive and relatively flat. Bunkers guard left and right but usually don’t come into play.  Overall an easy hole and fun to play.

Hole #17

This is an example of a short par 4 that is very tricky. It plays with your mind. The tee shot is very narrow and there is water all the way down the right side and partially on the left as well. There is a small river crossing the fairway about 220-240 yards out. It is about 10 yards in depth. You can hit over if you are a long hitter but it is all carry and is farther than it appears. The hole really tempts you to try and hit it over but the risk reward is not there. If you lay up at the river edge, you are a short to mid iron into the green,  so hitting over is not a huge reward. The tough part of this hole is the tee shot. So narrow and you must lay up.  The green has bunkers left and right but it is a decent size and is fairly flat. A real nicely designed hole.

Hole #18

A nice hole to finish the round. Tee off out of a chute to a par 4, uphill to an elevated green. Trouble right in the form of a marsh. Green is narrow but long with trouble all around and a deeper bunker. It is a tough approach as there is a tree on the left in front of the green. Stay right side off the tee. Picturesque finishing hole.


Hole #18 – view from the tee

Conclusion: Braintree Golf Course Review

I really like this course. It is not perfect but the price is right and it is pretty challenging for my style of game. Accurate drivers of the ball can eat this place up but if you spray a bit as I do, it can be a long day. I have had good rounds here but never dominated this course. I enjoy playing here because it is a challenge to my game. I recommend Braintree Municipal Golf Course and I am giving it a P-and-p ranking of 4.0 / 5.0 for its nice conditions, and challenging layout. If you are in the area, check out this relatively unknown gem. Thanks for Reading , happy golfing!