Point Sebago Golf Course Review

Point Sebago Golf Course is located in southern Maine as part of the Point Sebago Resort. The course is adjacent to Lake Sebago but you cannot see it from the course. ps-h2 I have played this course about a dozen times over the years. It is one of my favorites for a few reasons. It is longer than most courses I play, at about 7000 yards from the tips, it has a very good practice area, and most years it is in very good shape. The price is also reasonable at around $65 with a cart. I try to get here once a year on my annual guys Maine golf trip. Unfortunately, this coming season I will miss the golf trip for the first time in a decade. Fret not readers as this is due to a competing vacation to Myrtle Beach, where I will be playing golf 3 or 4 days. Expect course reviews from South Carolina this summer. Due to this vacation conflict, I am going to write this review based on past experiences. Here we go with the Point Sebago Golf Course Review …..

Overview of Facilities

Point Sebago Golf Course is part of large Resort on Sebago Lake. The golf course has a separate entrance off the main road but the resort vibe is all around you. From the moment I enter the property, I am pumped to play here. The entrance takes you down a long, winding, heavily wooded road. This always gets me in the mood to play as it is a short ride to get there and I can not wait. Not surprisingly, even this part of the resort is in terrific condition. You will see 1 or 2 holes on the way to the club house and this only escalates the anticipation to play golf. The parking lot is dirt and gravel, but there is plenty of parking in the two-tiered lot. Usually you are greeted by an employee in a golf cart waiting to give you a ride to the club house. Glad to see they are still taking care of the guests here year after year.  The attendant will put your clubs on a cart and sometimes will even wipe down your irons. The club house is small but very nice. It is a smaller building and the inside is immaculate with very nice merchandise.



The price for a round here can vary greatly. They do have specials and coupons, depending on the year. There have been years I paid $40 for golf and a cart and others where it cost me $65-70.  You really have to look online and shop around to see if there is a deal to be had. One thing to note is, you really want a cart here. Some of the holes are pretty far apart, so spring for the ride at this place.

The course has a modest restaurant on premises as well. A mother and daughter run this place and they do a good job. The food is good and they are pleasant to deal with. The restaurant is situated near the clubhouse and you have to pass by at the turn which makes for a snack stop on most days. They have typical course food, hot dogs, sandwiches, soft drinks, and beers. They have 3 or 4 TVs inside usually watching PGA golf tournament which is great after a round. They also have a nice deck outside where you can relax on good weather days. Overall, a modest facility, but good enough for most peoples needs.

The practice facilities here are very nice. There is a large putting green, to get comfortable with the greens and plenty of space. One nice thing about this putting green is that is is comparable to the actual greens on the course. How many times have I practiced on other courses, only to get out on the course and putt on greens that are nothing like the practice green. Behind the practice green is a driving range. It is always nice to hit a few before the round. Yardages are clearly marked in the range and they have some flags out there as well to practice target shooting.

The pace of play here is almost always great. The course does a nice job of spacing the groups so you never feel like you will be waiting forever to tee off. The 1st tee is a short ride from the clubhouse and they don’t send everyone over there until it is time for your round. Due to this, most times we don’t see another group on the first tee. I love that. Often we will see our first other group on the 3rd or 4th fairway. It really makes this an enjoyable round when you are not being rushed all the time. I like to be able to soak it in and enjoy the round instead of worrying who is behind me and are we holding them up.

The Course

As mentioned this course is long if played from the back tees. I personally always want to play from here. Most places I play are between 6000-6500 yards and this is a great way to challenge myself and see where my game is at. I know some people want easier and they enjoy it more but I am a competitive person and I like to accept the challenge. How often do I get to play 7000+ yards?  The course stats are as follows from the black tees:

Rating:  73.7
Slope: 135
Yards: 7002

pSebagoSCI would say maybe once or twice a year so it is a no-brainer to me.  The conditions on this course are almost always great. I can remember one or two years where it wasn’t up to snuff but overall, expect it to be in terrific condition. I am sad I won’t get to play here this year because with the easy winter we had, I am expecting this place to be in pristine condition.  I won’t review every hole, but lets look at a select few of the more difficult & memorable holes on this course.

Hole 1

The first hole is a majestic par 5 measuring 533 yards from the tips.It is is a slight dogleg to the left but wide open and allows you to see all the way around the bend..There are trees lining both sides of the fairway all the way down.  ps-h1The approach is difficult as it is steeply downhill right at the end of the fairway. It starts sloping down about 100 yards from the green and then drops sharply. The green is not visible from the fairway unless you are within about 100 yards. The green is two-tiered and slopes from back to front. If you are on the back and the flag is on the front, it is a fairly steep putt downhill.  It depends on the green health on a given year whether or not this is a scary putt. Years where the greens are fast, it can be a knee-knocker downhill. Great starting hole. I rarely see courses starting with a par 5. Most courses start with a par 4 but this hole challenges you right out of the gate and you need to be on your game right away. Mitigate any damage here or it will be a long day.

Hole 3

This is another great hole. The design on this hole is terrific. It does not look overly difficult when standing on the tee box but I have taken some of the worst scores on this hole. It starts out by pointing the player left off the tee. You can even see this in the overhead picture.  It aligns you left. As a player this really affects my tee shot. Some people can align perfectly regardless but I have difficulty with this. The next hurdle is club selection. There is a creek and heavy brush that runs across the fairway about 255 yards out when playing the black tees. PSHole3If you can carry a tee shot about 280 yards, you have a chance to go over but that is just not realistic for 99% of golfers. You have to hit short of the hazard to keep the ball in play. The tee shot is also downhill and the fairway has a decent amount of undulation so even in the fairway, you are not guaranteed a great lie. If you hit left off the tee, you end up in the woods at a lower elevation than the fairway and have a difficult rescue shot, if you can even find the ball. If you hit a perfect shot to the middle of the fairway and find a flat lie, you still have 150+ yards at best. usually, it is more like 185. If you get too close to the hazard you can’t see very well as the brush is pretty tall. Needless to say, the bulk of the difficulty lies in your tee shot. The approach is not too difficult assuming you can see the green. The green is pretty large and there is not a ton of trouble around it. Overall, this is a very well designed golf hole that will test you. Despite my troubles on this hole, it is one of my favorites on the course because of its interesting design.

Hole 5

PSHole5While not an overly interesting hole, the green is situated behind a water hazard which puts pressure on the approach shot. Add in the fact that it is almost 400 yards, and this is a challenging hole for a par 4.  There is a small area to the left of the green but don’t try to run this up as there is a drainage trench/creek that you can get stuck in and possible even lose the ball. I like this hole because the way the water hazard comes into play. It almost feels like an island green when hitting the approach. The green is also situated left to right with a shallow bunker behind it so you need to have an accurate shot to have a chance at birdie or even par. The tee shot is pretty benign as there is tons of room left and right. You may not have a clear view of the green if you go right off the tee because there are large grass mounds that you can end up behind. Overall, not a dangerous shot off the tee, but a tricky hole that you can score high if not careful.

Hole 7

Listed as the most difficult hole on the course. I am not sure I agree with that (3 & 18 play toughest for me) but it is definitely in the top 5. This is a long hole at 616 yards from the black tees and any mistakes are magnified as a result. The tee box is located in a shoot that forces you to hit a power fade off the tee. There is some room if you hit it straight but you will be on the left side of the fairway and risk losing the ball in brush on the left side. There is plenty of room right however so the tee shot is critical to having a good hole. Even if you hit two great shots, it is almost impossible to reach in two. PSHole7 I have never seen it done, even with the wind in your favor. The good news is that if you play it as a par five and don’t try to get there in two shots (again impossible), then par or bogey are attainable scores. There is  water and a marsh up the left side that comes into play on the second shot. A section of the marsh juts out halfway across the fairway about 100 yards from the green, right about where you expect your second shot to land. Keep the ball right here or lay up short to avoid this. One thing that I notice is the optical illusion on this hole, it appears a well struck shot will have you dancing but it is much farther than it looks and you almost always end up losing it to the marsh when this approach is taken. The green is not huge but large enough and there is not a lot of trouble around it other than some shallow bunkers. This is a great hole that will challenge your mental aspect of the game. Long hitters will struggle on this hole as they will look at the wide open fairway and go for it.  They will always end up regretting it and post  a huge number. Short hitters will be intimidated but if they play it as a par five or even a par six, they will score ok. Another well designed hole.

Hole 12

This hole always gives me fits. It is a long par four at 425 yards and seems to play a lot longer than that as the approach is slightly uphill to a slightly elevated green. I don’t know about you, but I don’t play many par four’s this long on a weekly basis. This hole is a slight dogleg right,  heavily tree lined,  and offers no forgiveness off the tee. PSHole12If you go into the woods left or right, you are most likely not finding it. If you do find it, you are hitting back to the fairway and have no chance to advance it towards the green. The fairway is also not overly wide and it slopes a little from right to left. If the ball stays on the right side it is on a hill or a mound and you are not guaranteed a good lie. If you hit a bomb off the tee right down the middle at a distance of 280 yards, the approach is still leaving you 145 to an elevated hole. Complicating matters is the size of this green. It is a large, long green and I have found myself 20 yards away from the hole despite marking my scorecard with a GIR. The green is fairly undulating as well and I can remember on more than one occasion marking down a three-putt. The left side of the green has deeper bunkers that are easy to find on approach as well. This is another example of a benign looking hole that really challenges the golfer.  Its one of the things I find great about the design of the course.

Hole 15

This is one of my favorite holes on the course. It is a short, 325 yard par four. This hole teases you with its short distance. Standing on the tee, it looks like you should be able to cozy it up to the green without much effort but it is deceiving. There is big trouble left in the form of dense woods along the fairway, and a water hazard in the left front of the green. There is dense woods right and long hitters could hit through the fairway with a driver as the hole is downhill and plays shorter.  I almost never birdie this hole and often bogey or double it. You really have to have the right mentality when playing it. PSHole15Don’t be a hero and just try to put the ball 250 yards down the middle-right side.  Then the approach is to make an easy chip to the green. The green is tiered and has water in front, and bunkers around the back. It is flat up top and slopes towards the fairway in the front.  It is fairly steep on the lower tier, so if the pin is up front, try to leave it below the hole to avoid a scary putt.  They have managed to make a short hole tempting enough to make it fairly difficult.  If you play this hole correctly, there is almost no reason to not par it. But as I have seen time and again, it is rarely the case. Golfers I play with usually are gamblers and almost always too aggressive on this hole. Golf course management, and keeping emotions in check are really important on this hole. It is really a gem. I really love this hole.

Hole 18

So you have made it through the round and you are standing on 18. What a finishing hole! Majestic, Gigantic, and Sweeping are words that come to mind. This hole is the bane of my existence. I am pretty sure I have made par on this hole only three or four times. It is a great hole that simply owns me, big time! Every golfer has that hole and this is mine. My Moby Dick.  It is a par 5 finisher at 527 yards. It plays much longer in my opinion. From the tee box you see a wide open fairway. Things are not as they seem however as you really need to keep it on the right side of the fairway for your second shot. If you hit it left with any sort of draw (for righties), you will shoot off into dense woods. PSHole18This is where I always am. I over-swing and have a draw and the slightly sloping right to left fairway shoots my ball into the woods. There is no room for error right either as the dense woods are there as well. At this point, for your second shot you are looking at an uphill shot to a shelf. Don’t even think about going for it as there is water in front of a minuscule green. You also can’t see the green from the fairway unless you are up top on the shelf.  If you have a good drive, you can hit anywhere from a 4-iron to a 7-iron to get to the top of the shelf. This leaves you about 100 to a tough approach shot. Not only is the green small, but it is completely surrounded by trees that are almost abutting the green directly. It is really a little green in a hole that you have to hit to. The green slopes from left rear to right front and is certainly no bargain if you are on the back edge.  I am happy with a bogey here. Many times I have had a good round going here only to have it ruined by this finishing hole.

Conclusion: Point Sebago Golf Course Review

I love Point Sebago golf course. The good times are felt as soon as you arrive and continue throughout the visit. The facilities are very good, and the course is excellent. I highly recommend this golf course for anyone.  I am giving this a very high P-and-P Ranking  of 4.5 / 5.0 stars due the to great experience I have whenever I am lucky enough to play here.  If you are in Southern Maine, this course is a must play. Happy Golfing ! Thanks for Reading.