Brookmeadow Golf Course Review

P-and-P Ranking     Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 9.01.36 AM   3.5 out of 5

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Spring is here in the Northeast !  I was able to get out on the course for the first time this year and shake off the winter blues. I decided to write a short review of the day we had. My golf group selected Brookmeadow Golf Course this day. It was a tad cold at 40 degrees when we teed off but it was an enjoyable day overall. It warmed up to mid 50’s by the time we finished but the day was very windy which made it feel colder. Overall, not a bad day to start the season with. I hadn’t played here in many years and didn’t have overly fond memories of the place. I remember this place being a little boring in terms of layout without much character. The conditions also were nothing noteworthy the last time I played here. It had been over a decade since I had been here and I was about to golf in March so it was hard to be upset with the choice my group selected. I was absolutely giddy to get a club in my hand and the feeling lasted the entire round.

Brookmeadow Golf Course: Facilities/Staff

We pulled up and the first thing I notice is the new giant clubhouse. As mentioned, it has been a long time since I had been here and I don’t remember the old building but the new facility is very nice. There is a pro-shop with some decent gear, although sparse, as well as banquet facilities etc. We had arrived one hour early as we couldn’t wait to get out there. We checked in and putted around. The rate was $50.00 with a cart. I thought that was very reasonable for this time of year. I am not sure what the rate will be in peak season but I was happy to pay that right now. The guy running the pro-shop (I can’t remember his name) was really nice and indicated that he could get us out a little early. Score !  So far I was feeling real good about this place. bm4The putting green was also in very good shape considering it was March and the season is just starting. After some time, we realized we were not going to be getting out early and maybe even a little late. The starter/pro-shop guy felt badly about giving us incorrect information so he threw us 2 free buckets of balls the hit at the driving range. Again, super nice guy, going above and beyond. Things happen and everyone is trying to get on the course, not his fault at all. We hit a bucket and agreed that was a nice gesture on his part. So far, we see a new clubhouse, a new driving range and practice area and friendly staff. All positives as far as facilities go. The land area around the clubhouse is pretty cramped, so the addition of the driving range is nice but there isn’t an extensive practice area. They did pretty well with the space they had available. I have been to many courses with much less golf amenities so this was a win. After the round, a kid working the carts wiped our clubs down without being asked. A very nice touch and was appreciated.

The Course

I didn’t remember much about Brookmeadow Golf Course, other than I do remember it being boring from a layout perspective. This course sits on a pretty flat piece of land. There is almost no elevation to speak of. Being a NewEnglander, almost all courses you will play have some elevation changes sprinkled throughout, it is part of the natural topography of the area. This course just happens to be flat land. bm1 This is no fault of the course, it just is. So we teed off and it is apparent after a few holes that we are going back and forth a bit on long straight fairways with a few doglegs sprinkled in here and there. It was fun to be sure but the course lacks some character. There is also not a lot of water on this course. Some people don’t like the water hazards but I like a difficult course, not because I am a great golfer, which I am not, but I like to be challenged. Water, elevation changes and other natural land characteristics make for a much more interesting and challenging round. I don’t want to sound too pessimistic about this place because we had a lot of fun and had a very enjoyable day. On the bright side, the conditions were great for this time of year. Hats off to the superintendent as the course was in great shape. The greens were very nice and relatively fast for this early in the spring. I didn’t see any evidence that winter damaged any greens. The fairways were also in very good shape. Any fairway hit resulted in a good lie as you would expect.  I would like to come back and see how the greens roll later in the year. I bet they are going to be all world. We went through the round in 4.5 hours which in the Boston area is pretty good. I can’t remember having to wait on any tees for more than a minute or two. We also didn’t have anyone pushing us from behind which I really like. Part of that is due to the time of year as casual golfers are not out in force yet, just the avid golf nuts. For a hole by hole view of the course, check out their site Brookmeadow Golf Course.


We had a great day at Brookmeadow Golf Course, the course was in terrific condition, the staff was friendly and the facilities were much improved with the new clubhouse and the practice area. I feel that the staff here are making this about as good an experience that can be had from this piece of land. Everything was great except the course lacks a little imagination and is a bit back and forth. I recommend this course be in a golfer’s rotation because the conditions were really good, the price was right, the facilities new and nice, and the staff were friendly and accommodating. Overall, there are much more positives than negatives here. I am giving this a P-and-P ranking of 3.5/5.0.  The course lost points on the layout only, all other aspects were positive. Course design is pretty heavily weighted however as it is the main aspect of the golfing experience in my opinion. Happy Golfing and remember, a bad day golfing is still better than almost everything else.