My Travel Bucket List

Thought I would write a post about some of the places I want to go that are on my travel bucket list. Living in the Northeast, I most often go south to warmer locations with the occasional trip to colder climates. I have been to the Caribbean many times, Bermuda, Florida, South America (Chile), Montreal, Colorado, Minnesota/Wisconsin, throughout New England and NewYork. I keep a mental list of places that I find interesting that I hope to visit someday. Some are exotic and some are just places that many others have been to. Additionally, there are trips that interest me as well, such as certain longer cruises that go to places I wouldn’t normally go. *Note: As a golfer, Myrtle Beach, SC has always been on this list and for various reasons, I have never been able to make it happen until now. I am scheduled to go this summer and I am really excited. I will be posting course reviews from all the places I play while I am there, so stay tuned.  I am hoping to cross a few more of these places off the list within the next 5-8 years but time will tell. I suspect after the kids go off to college, I will be able to focus a bit more on exploring. Most of the places here are not super exotic, just places that pique my interest. Everyone has different criteria for what appeals to them. I usually tend to gravitate towards places that have raw natural beauty. I am going to be exploring advanced photography soon so that I can better capture those places that I visit. I have always wanted to take a class and I may do it soon. This list is not in order, Anyway, let’s get to it:

  1. Hawaii – Like most people, I dream of being on the beach here and enjoying the warm weather.

    Hawaii beaches

    Kauai is the island I think I would like the most but I want to see all of them. A cruise might fit the bill here. Norwegian has a cruise that goes to all of the 4 major islands. This might be a good way to see all the islands have to offer before deciding to pick an island for the next visit. I personally enjoy cruising, but it is certainly not for everyone. I picture Hawaii being a photographers dream. A couple of the things that intrigues me about Hawaii, over other tropical islands is that is is on American soil, and that the topography is so different on all four of the main islands. The big island has the active volcano and the dry side of the island, Oahu has the large city of Honolulu, Maui is lush and tropical, and Kauai is a quieter more laid back atmosphere. I have probably spent more time researching Hawaii than any other place and it remains near the top my list of places to go.

  2. Norfolk Island – This is a place most people have never heard of and it is not something that would be an obvious destination but I really want to see this place in person someday. I first saw Norfolk island on an episode of House Hunters.  I was immediately captivated by its raw natural beauty.  It is a small island far off the coast of Australia. If you google this place and look at the landscape you will be entranced. It is absolutely gorgeous.

    Norfolk Island pines

    It is not the typical tropical island setting. The waters are magnificently turquoise but the trees are native pines. It looks very different but wonderful at the same time. I don’t know much about the island other than what I read on wikipedia.  It is really far from the US mainland and I have a feeling that I would have to combine this visit with an Australia or NewZealand visit to make it worth it. It is also not a tourist spot in the traditional sense and there may not be a ton of activities for visitors but it looks intriguing. This is another place that photographers would love. I suspect I may never get here but it is on my list anyway.

  3. Australia & New Zealand– I think most people from the US would entertain the notion of visiting this part of the world. It is on the other side of the planet, literally and is not an easily attainable destination for the vast majority of people in the eastern US. If you didn’t travel here when you were young, before children, it is one of those trips that gets pushed to later in life. That is the situation I am in. Flying this far with children is not something that is impossible but if you want to actually enjoy the trip, it may be better left until they are older or off to college. Looking at Australia , I think of Kangaroos, Crocodiles, Great White sharks and all of the exotic animals on this continent. Add major cities with tons to do and beautiful landscapes and this is what I picture Australia to be.

    Opera House, Sidney Australia

    I know several people who did this trip when they were young and all have said it was their favorite place to go. The distance is daunting but I think we would do a long trip during retirement so that we could extend the time we were there.

    New Zealand is a place that I have been dreaming of going since I was a teenager. I had seen a show on this country and instantly decided that I wanted to go there someday. I have never stopped wanting to go. This is probably my first or second choice on the bucket list. The landscape here is absolutely incredible.


    New Zealand landscape

    There are majestic mountains, beautiful lakes, rivers and miles of stunning beaches. It just seems like this would be a great place to have grown up. I never hear negative news about New Zealand unless there is an earthquake. It is a very mysterious part of the world to me and I am very much intending to go here after retirement. It would be wonderful to go here sooner but realistically, I think it will have to wait until the stars align. I will get here eventually, I hope !

  4. Vancouver – I have always been interested in visiting Vancouver. It is a beautiful looking city surrounded by mountains and the ocean. Although I think anywhere Portland and north would do fine. Vancouver would be my first choice. A world class city in the middle of raw natural landscapes sounds great to me.

    Aerial of Vancouver

    To be able to see Orca whales in the ocean , or go skiing or golfing, or do city activities like museums, all within a acceptable radius is incredible. I think this is definitely going to happen sooner rather than later. This is a very attainable location for my family. Ideally, I would like to go here in the summer to be able to get out on a boat and enjoy the water, or go hiking in the mountains, then maybe get a round of golf. All of the people that I know who have been here, have nothing but good things to say about this city. I plan on checking this out.

  5. Azores, Madeira – Madeira is a small island, close to the Azores, off the coast of Northern Africa. Both of these islands are part of the Portuguese archipelagos and are places that looks like they are from another era. azoresMadeira has a peculiar tradition here where they push people up and down the hills of the town on wicker toboggans with a bench seat. It is really interesting and I think it would be a great place to visit. You could do a two island trip by including the Azores as well. Most have heard of the Azores but Madeira is one of those places that a lot of people don’t know about. Google it and see for yourself. I think you will find it a new place to add to your list. Madeira has a temperate rainforest as well as established towns that feel old world in style. I have less interest in the Azores but it seems logical to visit this on the same trip. I do know people who have been to the Azores and have nice things to say about it. I have never met anyone who has been to Madeira and I hope to explore this some day.
  6. Ireland – Stunning rolling pastures, ancient castles, sheep herders, great beer and tons of golf. Sounds like a winner to me.

    Ireland: Thatched roof house

    The weather is not great but every vacation can’t be tropical. There is a lot to like about the thought of going to Ireland. I have ancestry here and would like to know more about it. I feel like I need a pint or two of Guinness at a traditional Irish Pub and to visit Dublin. I know a fair amount of Irish people and have always enjoyed their company.  Being in Boston, this seems like such a logical place to go as we are highly populated with Irish Catholics. I think this is a highly attainable place to venture at some point and I am confident this will make it off the list.

  7. Pacific Islands – There are a myriad of islands and destinations in the south pacific that would make great places to go as well. The Cook islands, American Samoa, Tahiti, New Caledonia,  and other polynesian retreats.

    American Samoa resort

    All look wonderful and all are really far for me to get to. None of these locations feel like a must visit but I do think I would need to go to one or two of these destinations someday. I feel like if you go to one, you probably have seen them all but I may be wrong. I would love to find another compelling reason to go to different islands other than palm trees. Usually that is enough for me but we have the Caribbean in the east so it would need to be significantly different in some area for me to prioritize a particular island.As I cross more off my list this will make it to a more prominent position.